From Besnik Dizdari, ASPA president

Albania-resTIRANA, December 27, 2007 - The Albanian Media Institute (AMI) in Tirana in cooperation with the Albanian Sports Press Association (ASPA) has conducted a four-day training seminar for young sports reporters.

Twenty young journalists from major sports media in the country, including main national dailies and radio and television outlets, attended the seminar which was held recently.

The issues discussed and the presentations made by experienced journalists invited as guest speakers included: “Sports Information and TV reporting” by Ahmet Shqarri, ASP Vice-president; “Developing Sports Journalism - issues and approaches” by Bashkim Tufa, deputy editor-in-chief of Sporti Shqiptar (Albanian Sports) newspaper . Edmond Dilaveri, a well-known journalist of Telesport (local sports channel) discussed the issue of “Objectivity and professionalism among sports writers” and ASPA President Besnik Dizdari discussed “Recent trends in the Albanian sports media – progress and shortcomings”.

It was through fruitful discussions and debates that the above-mentioned topics were handled by the participants.

Over the last few years, sports journalism in Albania has made significant progress with seven sports dailies published in the country, one TV channel and one radio station dedicated to sports. It is also important to underline the fact the quantity of the media outlets is not always coupled with qualitative reporting. Thus, these capacity building activities are of major importance towards further improvement of sports journalism in Albania.

Lezanta: Sports writers attend the ASPA and AMI seminar. Photo: ASPA

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